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Olive Rose Mahjong Mat by Oh My Mahjong

Olive Rose Mahjong Mat by Oh My Mahjong

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Introducing the Olive Rose Mahjong Mat, a breathtaking ode to the sophisticated history of Mahjong. The elegant nature of this mat is sure to sweep you off your feet! Picture yourself amidst a garden of green olive tones and delicate white accents, where every game becomes a whimsical soirée filled with dreamy and delightful moments shared with your fellow game players. Its non-slip surface promises a steady hand and ensures that you'll play with the confidence of a seasoned maestro. The thoughtful addition of essential rules for American Mahjong is thoughtfully placed along the sides.

Dimensions: 33" x 33" neoprene with stitched border.

The mat comes rolled with a canvas drawstring bag.

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