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Super-Duper Children's Dress-Up Tutu, Cape & Mask

Super-Duper Children's Dress-Up Tutu, Cape & Mask

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Unleash the magic with our Super-Duper Tutu, Cape & Mask set in captivating Metallic Rose Gold & Lilac! This enchanting ensemble is a symphony of colors, designed to transform your little one into a superhero of their dreams.

The metallic rose gold cape, lined with a beautiful lilac satin, billows with superhero grace, making every move a statement of power and style. The tutu, featuring a metallic rose gold waistband, showcases a celestial display of printed stars and layers of lilac and pink tulle, ensuring twirls and spins are nothing short of magical.

To complete the transformation, the set is finished off with a matching metallic rose gold eye mask, adding an extra touch of mystery and allure to your child's superhero persona.

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